This website is dedicated to the unfortunate victims of (aminoglycoside) gentamicin or tobramycin toxicity.

It is sponsored by Keith S. Douglass and Associates, L.L.P., a law firm representing people nation and world wide injured by aminoglycoside antibiotics.  

Both gentamicin and tobramycin are in the class of drugs called aminoglycosides. Other common aminoglycosides are: streptomycin, amikacin, kanamycin and neomycin.  The majority of aminoglycosides used today are gentamicin and tobramycin; however, some practitioners are still prescribing the others listed here.  To reduce the amount of duplicative information on this site regarding aminoglycosides, all references to gentamicin should generally be construed as a reference to any aminoglycoside. 

Keith S. Douglass and & Associates, LLP is one of the few law firms equipped to investigate and litigate gentamicin and tobramycin poisoning claims throughout the world. We have represented more than 70 plaintiffs with aminoglycoside poisoning in 40 U.S. states and have investigated more than 200 potential toxicity claims worldwide. Over the years, we have been the go-to source  to review, investigate, and litigate such claims that are referred to us by other attorneys inexperienced in the field, and also by injured patients who have sought us out.  It should be stated that a bad outcome from the use of an aminoglycoside does not mean that there was negligence on the part of your medical team. 

Our principal attorney, Keith S. Douglass, studied graduate level pharmacology.  Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Douglass owned his own medical laboratory in Alaska, and was engaged in extensive medical research.  He brings that unique experience to represent injured people efficiently, cost-effectively, and to achieve the best results possible for his clients. His understanding of biology, pharmacology, and medicine allows him to pursue gentamicin cases efficiently and achieve fair results for clients.  When dealing with medical malpractice issues such as gentamicin or tobramycin poisoning, it is important that the attorney directing the litigation be as intimately familiar with the medical issues involved as with the legal issues.

At Keith S. Douglass and & Associates, LLP, we understand terms such as bilateral vestibulopathy, oscillopsia, aminoglycosides, hair cells, vestibulo-ocular reflex, rotational chair testing, electronystagmography, and computerized dynamic posturography.  We understand the patho- physiology of gentamicin ototoxicity and how it impacts one’s life.  We have visited dozens of homes of our clients who are gentamicin negligence victims and have seen how they struggle to ambulate normally, even in familiar surroundings.  We have observed firsthand our clients’ frustrations with their blurred and bouncing vision while trying to maintain a normal life. 

If you or a loved one have taken gentamicin or tobramycin and have suffered as a result, please contact us immediately.  While based in Spokane, Washington, our attorneys are able to associate with local counsel and obtain permission to practice law in your venue.

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